Top 4 Most Popular Social Media Tools For Dental Clinics

Just like any another expert, Ottawa dentist are also always on the outlook for tools that can help them offer better services for their patients. Social media can be one of these tools. It’s not only about promoting their services. There is much more to social media for dentists than that.

Social Media for Dentists: How to Get Clients by Using Social Media

  • Build your practice online. Even if you own a little clinic servicing your neighbourhood, it still pays to have a social media presence. It helps to lead in new clients.
  • Social media can be utilized for customer service. The platform allows you to answer the patient queries quicker, and even when the clinic is shut. This also improves client retention, as they are more inclined to stick with you if they feel valuable.
  • Information distribution becomes simpler. Dentist in Ottawa have a stated duty to give the people with knowledge on conventional dental care. Social media is an efficient avenue to give access that knowledge 24/7.

There are many tools that dental clinics can use to get the most out of their social media websites available. Here we’re presenting you with some of the top tools that every dentist could consider to get the social media presence for their clinic.



You may not have heard of this. Primarily, is a URL shortener – that implies it takes a large web address and change it into much smaller. One of the big benefits of this is its application on a social network that has a restricted number of figures such as Twitter. Nowadays, Twitter can do this with its personal URL shortener-, so now you may wonder that why you would want to use some other URL shortener? Certainly, this one is only for geeks?! Well, the explanation is tracking. Maximum URL shorteners don’t just compress your URLs- they give tracking and analytics service as well. Also if you compress all your URLs with the equivalent URL shortener, you can trace all the social networks of your dental clinic from one specific dashboard.

2. Keyhole


Keyhole can be practised on your dental clinic’s Twitter and Instagram social signals. Its features are twice-edged. This tool lets you see the preferred and best hashtags and keywords.

3. Do Share

Well, you might be aware of the fact that Buffer doesn’t let you to share to Google+ profiles. But DoShare enables you to do precisely that. With various social networks out there, how does a dental clinic get the time to spend on these networks? The way is by practising a social media management tool. For Google+, you’ll require DoShare.
DoShare enables you to post to Google+ dental profile by an extension in your browser. It works in an alike way to Buffer. In this, you can schedule your posts. However, DoShare is surely a must in your social strategy.

4. Feedly


One of the most significant lessons for dental clinics, when it gets to practising a social network, is not to be about “we, we, we!”. If you are just posting on yourself, then you’re dropping the subject of the social network. People are more inclined to entrust to you if you are yielding their content. Certain websites provide great content, and you feel like sharing their content on your own as well.

Once you have more websites, it becomes hard to keep on visiting each dental concerned site and to share them. That’s a place feed reader gets in. A Feed reader app utilizes RSS feeds from each site and blogs you on top of them in an easy way.