• MARCH 28, 2018
    How Insurance Companies Can Benefit from Social Media Listening

    How Insurance Companies Can Benefit from Social Media Listening

    These days many insurance companies practice social media listening to enhance client service, reveal fraud and make sales leads. It has been noted that several insurance companies are benefiting from social media monitoring. Here, we’re going to present you with some of the perks that they availed by practising it:

    Sales Leads

    Life & business insurance firms can place insurance outcomes in front of customers at convenient times on social media.

    People share about life experiences on social media and seek for knowledge in concern to the life insurance. Shippers really need to use tools like as social-media listening programs to know touch points,” declared by few experts.

    When people communicate on social media that they have a new project, are getting united, they can be approached with life and health coverage plans. When they proclaim travel plans, they can be approximated with travel insurance plans. “The possibilities to make sales leads on social media are enormous be it life, health, property or any other”.

    Engagement. Social media listening exposes a chance for engagement. With social listening, one can create an engagement.

    Suggestions for Getting the Most from Social Media Listening


    In order to get the most out of this, you’ve to emphasize listening. One of the most expert providers, suggests that there should be a 70% listening & 30% content formula in order to get the best. “We think that we accept that you acquire more by listening than publishing.

    Note that you don’t require to answer to each and every comment publically. Few brands prefer to share clients’ positive comments. However, that can be a bit risky. The client may not desire to become a business’s spokesperson. When most of the customers complain, experts usually recommend taking the discussion to the private way like a Twitter direct message.

    – Look social media, most prominently Twitter, for news stories of your grain insurance. Reporters may tweet of the breaking news on Twitter prior to the article is distributed online.

    – Always monitor your stock symbol in the right manner. Short sellers sometimes attempt to momentarily drive down a company’s commodity prices by their tweets. Organizations can immediately answer by observing their names and property symbols and using a social media monitoring service that gives real-time alerts.

    social media monitoring service

    – You should be agile of setting patterns. Several years ago, a person going through a colon cancer asked his coverage company, for further coverage. After several days of negotiations in what authors called a Twitter war, the CEO allowed to reject the life time insurance cover on his coverage. Although kind, the decision set a risky precedent: Anyone who needs special approach needs only to request for it on the social media most probably.

    Bottom Line: Coverage companies can get substantial benefits by social media listening, involving generating sales leads, limiting fraud and enhancing the understanding of their brands.


    Most of the insurance companies can acquire substantial benefits by social media listening, involving generating sales leads, limiting fraud and enhancing the understanding of their brands.

    • JANUARY 21, 2018

    How Autobody Shops Are Effectively Using Social Media

    According to one of the survey, the global auto repair service industry will be expanding by double digits in coming ten years. To get the best response from the clients in the competing market environment, a person needs to set a strong image in the market. And this can be done by using advanced different marketing tactics and social media marketing. We’ll are aware of the fact that need for car repair is growing. As a matter of fact, this gives an opportunity to all those individuals who are thinking to start up an autobody shop Brampton. Though this industry has a vast scope but to remain in the market, you must promote it properly using the advanced marketing tactics.

    How Autobody Shops Are Effectively Using Social Media

    In order to get the best out of all, there are certain Social Media Strategies that every Auto Repair Business owner should consider. Have a look at them in below-mentioned points:

    1. Teaching People About The Common Facts Of Auto Body Services Through Videos

    Usually, people approach the auto repair shop when they want their car to be serviced, or when something requires being fixed. So, one thing which should be held in memory is to give the best service to the consumer. We can create videos and later on post exciting topics about car associates on social media platforms. Certain times, the simplest of all subjects, which many individuals shy to question other people can be explained in these videos. This will enable them to continue coming back to all their inquiries.

    2. Raising The Web Presence

    In this digital era, you ought to have a digital appearance as well. Your auto repair shop can be best in your area, but if you do not have a web existence, then you will going to miss out a lot. So you can consider getting a web presence for your business too. You must hire a good Saskatoon Web Design company to get properly designed site that can give your auto repair business an advantage.

    3. Accessible To Customers

    Usually, consumers do a lot of investigation online prior to zeroing on their decision for picking a specific thing. In auto repair business they will look the best possible agreement and authenticity. Your site design or blog should simply present the communication methods and should have the option of responding to the questions posted by the consumers.
    Your auto body business should have a record of all the emails and queries so that you can talk them back and ask their terms in the most friendly way. This will base the trust factor among the client and the business.

    4. Be Active On Social Media Websites

    It is one of the efficient ways of connecting with your clients. Try to be in contact with daily updates and showcase the work that you perform the best. This shows the work that you have done to the customers. Through this, they can connect you immediately when they require assistance.

    With the arrival of digital media, it has become simpler to reach out the clients and showcase the appearance of your auto repair business. But, one thing will forever going to be same, and that is raising trust with the client by giving him with the best service.