Flatter Me Calls - We phone people to compliment them!
The latest project from Improv Everywhere is guaranteed to make you smile. Flatter Me fans will love this feel good concept. Improv Everywhere constructed a wooden lectern with a megaphone holster and attached a sign that read, “Say Something Nice” next to it. The lectern was placed in public spaces around New York and then left alone.  To see what happened, check out the video. Simply magnificent. 
A compliment is compliment. Sounds simple, right? How hard can that be? Take a moment to consider this….

Ever get a compliment that made you insecure or made you feel worse?

Example: (person is shocked) “Wow. You lost so much weight. You look better than ever!”

Rule #1: Be very careful about commenting on anybody’s physical appearance and comparing them to their past selves. People need to feel good about their old and new selves.

Now, ever get a compliment that made you feel like a superstar?
Example: You are a really good person. You are special. I love you.

Mega-Yawn. But don’t get me wrong. Those are kind words that are meaningful. I just worry that over time those type of compliments end up being overused and feeling generic. My goal is to raise the bar.

So, let’s try that again with the same type of message.
Example: I admire the way you care for your mother. The way you talk to her and touch her is filled with so much kindness. The world needs more of you. More of you could change the whole world. It has changed my world.  

What makes that better?

#1 Be specific: If you think someone is good. Why are they good? It means more if you explain why. People will believe it and feel it more. Being more specific, makes it more unique to that individual.

#2 Thoughtfulness: Think about the compliment you want to give. Understand it more. Go deeper. Find the right words. Take a few more minutes to express yourself more accurately. You and the other person will enjoy it more.

#3 Creativity: This is my favorite part. I love compliments that integrate a tad of humor and even hyperbole (as long as it is sincere).Have fun with the compliment. Be original and even a bit outrageous. At Flatter Me, some of the best response have included this element. See article, Top 10 Funniest Compliments for examples.

Be confident when delivering it. Eye contact is key. Mean it and be proud to say it. Now get out there and flatter someone with the perfect compliment!

We often get asked, what are the funniest or most outrageous compliments you’ve delivered? The best flattery calls are the ones that slip in a few inside jokes. A touch of humor along with some well deserved flattery makes a great Flatter Me phone call. These top 10 compliments led to flattery calls that were full of laughter. But like any good laugh, you had to be there to fully experience the moment!

1. She is one of the few women besides Tina Turner who seems to walk effortlessly in stiletto heels.
2.  Thank you for being you. Thank you for being beautiful. Thank you for eating rice.
3.  Can you please tell him that he is the best husband in the world, manly, devastatingly handsome, and a world-class wielder of remotes.
4.  Tell her she is going to be the prettiest pumpkin in the whole patch this Halloween.
5.  Tell her she is so pretty. Compliment her on how great she is at fitting into small spaces.  
6.  She is one of the few people in life that probably loves excel as much as I do. Tell her how great she is at excel
7.  Please compliment her for being Canadian.
8.  He is a fantastic friend and a fabulous boss! He is as sweet as gummi bears!
9. He makes a mean bowl of oatmeal.
                                                             10. Tell her how very pretty she is. She is a talented photographer with                                                                    many other talents such as operating her iphone with her breasts.                                                                                                                          

Watch some of the most charming moments of flattery in film! A little inspiration from Hollywood on how to give a compliment! Valentine's day is around the corner....we must prepare ourselves....
All compliments feel good. But some compliments are unforgettable!
We've had the honor of delivering the sweetest and most touching compliments. Often, our customers help make a call extra special by adding a personal message. We are lucky to be the ones that get to surprise people with all these wonderful messages. Here are some of the best compliments that we've delivered. They are an inspiration to us.  

Here's to always complimenting those we appreciate!

Top 10 Best Compliments!

1) "You have the ability to change someones world with a blink of an eye"

2) "My mom is like the Good Witch of the West, she's like a fairy spreading love and good will and happiness wherever she goes"

3) "The simple sound of your voice on the phone makes me shiver with pleasure & anticipation. Life with you for these past thrity years has been the most incredible adventure of love & good times."

4) "There is goodness in this world and you are a testament to it."

5) "She has one of these amazing effortless voices. She soars from gutsy belter to a high that you have to hear to believe. Her smile lights up the back stage corridor."

6) "You are the most amazing, loving & wise person on this side of the milky way. Your beauty and grace define the epitome of being a lady!"

7)" I adore you! There's no rush because "true love stories never have endings." Thanks for being my number one, my one + only and my true home."

8) "Tell her that i go to bed and wake up with a smile on my face because of her!"

9) "I can hardly wait to marry you tomorrow. Being your husband will be the greatest Blessing I can possibly ask for, and I look forward to making you the happiest woman in the world." 

10)" My brother is a quiet friendly giant. He is my favourite human. And he is the sweetest person I know"

Jenny Mandel is an incredible person who gives back to her community. In 2008, she had an idea that led her to become an entrepreneur while helping non-profit organizations. While managing a golf pro shop, Jenny witnessed the high fees charged by credit card processing providers. She learned that the fees charged to merchants were high yet invisible to consumers. When she asked her organization how they could use the profits to better the world, she was met with dumbfounded expressions.

When Jenny lost her job during the 2009 recession, she saw this as an opportunity. She spent months researching the credit card processing industry. Jenny then launched Charge4Charity, a credit card processing provider that gives back. At the end of every month, Jenny donates 10% of her profits on each account to a charity of the customer's choice. She has been able to give back to the community without any additional work or cost to the business or customers.

Jenny is amazing person because she never stops and never loses sight of the big picture. She is committed to helping build a better world. She did this on her own, through her own determination and at the end of every day, she is always joyous. On behalf of the Flatter Me community, it is an honor to announce Jenny Mandel as the amazing person of the month. Here's to having the courage to believe in your ideas!

Patty, my mother, is one of the most resilient human beings ever. After losing her own business and home she raised us kids, she picked herself up and brushed herself off. She then faced 2 major spinal realignment surgeries leaving her confined to her bed. She was so determined to walk again she was doing better than most recovery patients and now walks. She does deal with pain everyday but pretends that it doesn't bother her because she runs our family and is the glue for the extended family too. She and my Pops bought a new home in San Clemente and are starting completely over and that has to be scary at their age. My mother is strong willed and still willing to help any family member in need. I am very proud of her over coming all this and taking her pain head on avoiding pain meds so she can stay "on the ball". I truly hope she understands what an inspiration she is to all of us.

On behalf of the Flatter Me community, it is a great honor to announce Patty as the most amazing person of the month. Patty, you are an inspiration to us and your family! Your strength and courage is admired and respected!

This guy is the perfect example of the everday superhero hiding within urban life - waiting to be exposed to the world for all his "incredibleness."  This anonymous garbage man has been gaining notoriety in the Montreal community for his "masked" superhero appearance and unique performance - all while working hard to keep our streets clean.

His does push-ups of the back of the truck, he makes superhero poses and gestures all the way down the street, and he is known for making acrobatic mounts and dismounts off the garbage truck. His enthusiasm and energy has got the whole community appreciating him. And he deserves it. Because he is amazing. Thanks to the Montreal Hour for bring this incredible guy to our attention

Kuddos to the Garbage-Man-Spider-Man for taking his job to a whole other level. Here's to being passionate about everything you do!