Flatter Me Calls - We phone people to compliment them!
We often get asked, what are the funniest or most outrageous compliments you’ve delivered? The best flattery calls are the ones that slip in a few inside jokes. A touch of humor along with some well deserved flattery makes a great Flatter Me phone call. These top 10 compliments led to flattery calls that were full of laughter. But like any good laugh, you had to be there to fully experience the moment!

1. She is one of the few women besides Tina Turner who seems to walk effortlessly in stiletto heels.
2.  Thank you for being you. Thank you for being beautiful. Thank you for eating rice.
3.  Can you please tell him that he is the best husband in the world, manly, devastatingly handsome, and a world-class wielder of remotes.
4.  Tell her she is going to be the prettiest pumpkin in the whole patch this Halloween.
5.  Tell her she is so pretty. Compliment her on how great she is at fitting into small spaces.  
6.  She is one of the few people in life that probably loves excel as much as I do. Tell her how great she is at excel
7.  Please compliment her for being Canadian.
8.  He is a fantastic friend and a fabulous boss! He is as sweet as gummi bears!
9. He makes a mean bowl of oatmeal.
                                                             10. Tell her how very pretty she is. She is a talented photographer with                                                                    many other talents such as operating her iphone with her breasts.                                                                                                                          



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