Flatter Me Calls - We phone people to compliment them!
All compliments feel good. But some compliments are unforgettable!
We've had the honor of delivering the sweetest and most touching compliments. Often, our customers help make a call extra special by adding a personal message. We are lucky to be the ones that get to surprise people with all these wonderful messages. Here are some of the best compliments that we've delivered. They are an inspiration to us.  

Here's to always complimenting those we appreciate!

Top 10 Best Compliments!

1) "You have the ability to change someones world with a blink of an eye"

2) "My mom is like the Good Witch of the West, she's like a fairy spreading love and good will and happiness wherever she goes"

3) "The simple sound of your voice on the phone makes me shiver with pleasure & anticipation. Life with you for these past thrity years has been the most incredible adventure of love & good times."

4) "There is goodness in this world and you are a testament to it."

5) "She has one of these amazing effortless voices. She soars from gutsy belter to a high that you have to hear to believe. Her smile lights up the back stage corridor."

6) "You are the most amazing, loving & wise person on this side of the milky way. Your beauty and grace define the epitome of being a lady!"

7)" I adore you! There's no rush because "true love stories never have endings." Thanks for being my number one, my one + only and my true home."

8) "Tell her that i go to bed and wake up with a smile on my face because of her!"

9) "I can hardly wait to marry you tomorrow. Being your husband will be the greatest Blessing I can possibly ask for, and I look forward to making you the happiest woman in the world." 

10)" My brother is a quiet friendly giant. He is my favourite human. And he is the sweetest person I know"



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