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Jenny Mandel is an incredible person who gives back to her community. In 2008, she had an idea that led her to become an entrepreneur while helping non-profit organizations. While managing a golf pro shop, Jenny witnessed the high fees charged by credit card processing providers. She learned that the fees charged to merchants were high yet invisible to consumers. When she asked her organization how they could use the profits to better the world, she was met with dumbfounded expressions.

When Jenny lost her job during the 2009 recession, she saw this as an opportunity. She spent months researching the credit card processing industry. Jenny then launched Charge4Charity, a credit card processing provider that gives back. At the end of every month, Jenny donates 10% of her profits on each account to a charity of the customer's choice. She has been able to give back to the community without any additional work or cost to the business or customers.

Jenny is amazing person because she never stops and never loses sight of the big picture. She is committed to helping build a better world. She did this on her own, through her own determination and at the end of every day, she is always joyous. On behalf of the Flatter Me community, it is an honor to announce Jenny Mandel as the amazing person of the month. Here's to having the courage to believe in your ideas!



11/17/2010 11:15

Hey Flatter Me.

Thank you for highlighting someone special every month. I'm actually about to collaborate on a series of blog posts with a local store owned, and operated by, 3 young women entrepreneurs, to highlight other Jewish women entrepreneurs under-40.

Your product is definitely unique and we would like to highlight you too!

We'll be in touch. Good job.


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