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Patty, my mother, is one of the most resilient human beings ever. After losing her own business and home she raised us kids, she picked herself up and brushed herself off. She then faced 2 major spinal realignment surgeries leaving her confined to her bed. She was so determined to walk again she was doing better than most recovery patients and now walks. She does deal with pain everyday but pretends that it doesn't bother her because she runs our family and is the glue for the extended family too. She and my Pops bought a new home in San Clemente and are starting completely over and that has to be scary at their age. My mother is strong willed and still willing to help any family member in need. I am very proud of her over coming all this and taking her pain head on avoiding pain meds so she can stay "on the ball". I truly hope she understands what an inspiration she is to all of us.

On behalf of the Flatter Me community, it is a great honor to announce Patty as the most amazing person of the month. Patty, you are an inspiration to us and your family! Your strength and courage is admired and respected!



Anne Krieghoff
10/14/2010 15:43

This is so right on! Patty is an inspiration to all of us. Our lives are so much richer because of Patty's love and perseverance. - Anne

Liz Stimmler
10/14/2010 19:42

Patty deserves this and so much more! She is an amazing sister-in-law and friend.


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